What are Government Jobs

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The South African Government is the largest employer in South Africa. You may well ask what exactly is a Government Job. There are various departments and organisations that could realistically be classified as Government jobs. These are briefly explained below:

Working for the National Government

South African National Goverment JobsThese are typically various Government departments like the Department of Health, Defence and Treasury. Working for the National Government or the civil service does have many advantages for prospective employees.

The National Government is responsible for the following functions such as taking care of national issues like security, defence and the national road network.

They are also tasked with managing international relations and managing trade relations with our trading partners. One of the most important roles of the National Government is the collection of taxes.

Working for the Provincial Government


There are 9 Provincial Governments in South Africa. They are as follows: Gauteng, Western Cape, Eastern Cape, Northern Cape, Free State, North West, Limpopo, Mpumalanga and Kwazulu – Natal.

Provincial Governments require people to perform their mandated tasks and require a range o professional skills in the medical, legal and engineering sectors.

Provincial Governments are responsible for the governing of Provincial Governments and some of their tasks include health services and education.

Working for Local Governments



Local or municipal governments are responsible for the provision of local service such as the provision of water, electricity and waste removal. They typically require a large number of talented and skilled people to perform these functions.

Local Governments or municipalities are responsible for the actual day to day implementation of government services at a level that directly and immediately impacts on citizens lives. The require a range of highly skilled specialists and professionals such as town planners, engineers, accountants and medical professionals to Carry out these tasks.


State Owned Enterprises

soeThere are currently over 700 State Owned Enterprises(SOEs) in South Africa, they are called SOEs because the Government is the main/only shareholder and they aren’t subject to normal market

Examples of SOEs include Eskom, SAA and the SABC. Advantages of working for SOEs are pretty similar to working for the other tiers of Government.SOEs in South Africa are renowned for paying excellent salaries. The average salary at electricity utility Eskom is reported to be R820 000 pa according to this report.

You can find out more about the advantages and benefits of working for the Government by reading this article – Benefits of Working for the Government. For a detailed listing of all SOEs you can visit this page: South African Government Entities.

Why work in the private sector when the remuneration and benefits on offer in the Government sectors and at SOEs are far better.

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