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Thank you! Found my dream job working for the Gauteng Provincial Government.

Found an amazing job on this site, thanks guys.

I found my current job working for the Auditor General on Government Jobs. Its been the best move of my career.

Without Government Jobs, I would still be looking, I found a job quickly. I just can’t believe how easy it was and the range of decent jobs on offer is amazing.

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From the desk of the President

Dear Fellow South African,
The entire world is in the unrelenting grip of the coronavirus pandemic, whose spread has been rapid. A vaccine has yet to be found. Across the world, over 3.4 million people are known to be infected and more than 240,000 have died. These are indeed desperate times.

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What are the benefits of working for the Government

Working for the South African government offers prospective employees a range of excellent benefits that you are unlikely to receive when working in the private sector. On top of competitive remuneration and benefits, the working conditions in the government sector have a lot to offer prospective employees. Here are a few compelling reasons why you

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What are Government Jobs

The South African Government is the largest employer in South Africa. You may well ask what exactly is a Government Job. There are various departments and organisations that could realistically be classified as Government jobs. These are briefly explained below: Working for the National Government These are typically various Government departments like the Department of

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